August 2010

Human Events Posts Letter From "God" Telling Obama To Be a Better Christian

In light of the new poll showing that a significant section of the population mistakenly believes President Obama is a Muslim, Human Events has posted a letter from God telling Obama that it is his own fault:

Why is it that everyone in the country knows you like to golf/play basketball, but they don’t know your religion? Don’t blame it on the media or George W. Bush. Blame it on how you prioritize your time.

I’ve given you the freedom to worship however you choose. But choosing to worship as a Christian comes with responsibilities, particularly if you’ve also chosen to put yourself in a public leadership position.

And right now, looking at your record, you seem to be doing anything but leading by example.

It’s impossible for people to judge without a doubt what’s in your heart and what your intentions are. That’s my job. But that’s also why I’ve set up a system on earth where actions speak as loud as words. So let’s make correcting your record a top priority.

First, take your kids to church. Regularly. Particularly on Christmas. You missed last year. Think I didn’t notice?

I know you’re worried about inconveniencing church-goers in D.C. That’s gracious of you. But looking at your dismal approval ratings, I think more Americans -- even those dealing with the inconvenience -- would feel better seeing you in church asking for help rather than you just staying away.

Second, when you’re in church, actually pay attention to what the pastor is saying. I’m not really sure how you stayed 20 years at a church where the pastor’s philosophy was more radical than anything even the Democrats have accused the Tea Party of. I don’t know how you let a man baptize your daughters and marry you that believes God should “d$5#” America. That tells me your Christian faith may not be very important to you.

Third, if you can fit in this many games of golf, you can fit in going to church more regularly.

I understand you want to be ecumenical. But a great tool in being ecumenical is being the best example of your own faith. People respect someone who acts like they believe what they’re saying.

So, have a good vacation. See you on Sunday?

~ God

Barton: Beck May Be Mormon, But He's More Christian Than Wallis, Clinton, and Pelosi

Earlier this week we posted audio of Glenn Beck appearing on David Barton's "Wallbuilders Live" radio program, where Barton and Beck discussed how the upcoming "Restoring Honor" rally was being orchestrated by God in order to unleash revival upon America.

This seemed an especially interesting development because Beck is a Mormon and evangelicals like Barton generally don't consider Mormons to be Christians or believe that Mormons and Christians worship the same god. 

As it turns out, Barton has apparently been getting lots of questions from concerned supporters about his endorsement of Beck, prompting him to write a defense, arguing that Beck is more of a true Christian than are self-proclaimed Christians like Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton: 

I have appeared numerous times on Glenn's program to talk about historical and political issues, particularly as related to faith and Biblical values. On those programs, I have had repeated opportunity to inform Americans about (as our WallBuilders' motto declares) "America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage." I have also participated in several major arena rallies with Glenn.

As a result of these appearances, I have received numerous letters and calls from concerned Christians, some of whom respectfully inquire as to why I would appear with a Mormon, while others directly attack me for doing so. As far as I can tell, most of these concerns stem from judging Glenn based by the label of "Mormon" rather than by the fruits he produces.

For example, no one has yet been to point to any instance where Glenn has attacked or undermined Christ or Christianity on any of his programs. To the contrary, on repeated occasions it has been quite the opposite. (Recall his specific programs on individual salvation, atonement, and redemption through Christ.) Nevertheless, some of his critics refuse to take Glenn at his self-evident words but instead attempt to read into them some secret and hidden meaning, thereby judging him not by his fruits or words but rather by some conspiratorial and unseen meaning they seek to impute to him.


Christians concerned about Glenn's faith should judge the tree by its fruits, not its labels. After all, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton openly call themselves Christians, as do Evangelical Christian ministers such as Jim Wallis and Joel Hunter. Although these individuals have the right labels, they have the wrong fruits; yet many Christians have a more visceral reaction to Glenn than to Pelosi, Clinton, or Wallis. This is wrong; it is not Biblical.


In conclusion, I have been with Glenn in numerous settings; I have watched him up close and can heartily endorse both his public and his private life. I have witnessed his tender heart, his love for God, and his passion to keep God in America. Glenn and I have prayed together on numerous occasions; he has sought God for specific guidance on numerous situations and I have personally not only seen God answer him but have also seen Glenn completely change his plans after feeling the Lord was leading him to move in a different direction or address a different subject. I judge Glenn by his fruits, not by his labels, and I am honored to call Glenn not only an ally and a fellow warrior (and a General) in the culture war, but especially to call him a good friend.

This ought to serve as a good reminder to Beck that his own religious views are seen as suspect by many, so maybe he ought to keep that in mind before he starts demonizing the religious views of others.

Fischer: US Failed to Make Iraq a Christian Nation, So Our Soldiers Died For Nothing

Just how anti-Muslim is the AFA's Bryan Fischer? 

So anti-Muslim that he is now claiming that the entire Iraq war was an epic failure and complete waste of American time, money, and lives because we did not seek to convert the entire country to Christianity.

Fischer says that the only thing that kept Iraq functioning under Saddam Hussein was that "Christians to help him run the country [because] Christians were the only decent, trustworthy, honest people he could find."  When Hussein was toppled, it left Iraq in the hands of Muslims and "Islam simply doesn’t produce men with the kind of character and integrity needed to run a country."

Fischer says America has offended God by creating a new Islamic Republic in Iraq which, "without the stabilizing values and presence of the Prince of Peace," will ultimately collapse.

Therefore, all of our soldiers have died for nothing:

It grieves me to the bottom of my soul to think of the soldiers who bravely gave their last full measure of devotion in such a misbegotten cause. They served bravely and well; it was their leadership that let them down.

All this is due to President Bush’s naive short-sightedness about the true nature of Islam and what it does to the human spirit. I believe him to be an honest and decent man, but deceived and foolish when it came to Islam.

He genuinely seemed to believe that Islam is a religion of peace which had been hijacked by evil men. The truth is the other way round. Islam is a barbaric religion of violence and war. The only hijacking that’s been done is by those trying to fool people into thinking it’s something benign


[T]he Spirit of the Lord is absent in Islamic lands, and the dark spirit that animates Islam has extinguished the spirit of liberty in those lands and in the hearts of their people. Their spiritual DNA has been altered in such a horrible way that what they hunger for is domination, destruction, and the death of the infidels. It is impossible for such a people to harbor a thirst for freedom apart from a massive spiritual awakening represented by an embrace of Christianity.

No, it is impossible to build a free nation on a platform of Islam. It was foolish and expensive even to try.

Did Hannity Withdraw From CPAC Over GOProud?

Yesterday we noted that Ann Coulter had been dropped from the upcoming Take Back America Conference being organized by WorldNetDaily because Coulter had agreed to speak at a different conference hosted by the gay conservative group GOProud.

And with attention-seekers like Coulter and WND's Joseph Farah involved, you just knew that there was no way that was going to be the last word about it:

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter responded today to the announcement that WorldNetDaily was dropping her as a speaker for one of their events, calling WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah a “publicity whore” and a “swine.”

Coulter was bumped from the speakers list of WND’s September “Taking America Back National Conference” after it was announced that she had accepted a speaking gig at a New York City party hosted by GOProud, a Washington-based group that represents gay conservatives.

“[F]arah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone,” Coulter wrote in an email to The Daily Caller on Wednesday afternoon.

This, in turn, has set off another round of stories on WorldNetDaily, but I want to highlight this one by David Kupelian, claiming that Sean Hannity pulled out of CPAC and Sarah Palin refused to attend all because of GOProud:

It caused Sean Hannity to pull out of last February's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., where he had been slated to appear as keynote speaker. When Hannity withdrew from the CPAC lineup, Glenn Beck stepped in. (Though this has not been previously reported, my source is highly placed and utterly reliable.)

It was also a big reason Gov. Sarah Palin opted not to speak at CPAC, long the nation's largest and most influential annual gathering of conservatives.

It caused WorldNetDaily, as well as major conservative institutions like Liberty University, to drop their planned sponsorship of the event.

"It" … is GOProud, the homosexual activist organization masquerading as a "traditional conservative" group, whose acceptance as official sponsor of CPAC caused many traditionally minded individuals and groups to pull out – on principle.

Now obviously, anything that has never been reported elsewhere that is suddenly being "reported" by WND is immediately suspect. 

I don't buy the Palin claim, since she has skipped CPAC the last two years, apparently because she personal gripes against organizer David Keene, who dared to criticize her, and I don't know that I believe the claim about Hannity either ... but it sure would be interesting to get some non-WND sourced confirmation of this claim. 

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters: Schlessinger ending her radio show because "my First Amendment rights have been usurped by angry, hateful groups".
  • Christina Bellantoni @ TPM: George Bush Stays Out Of 'Ground Zero Mosque' Fray.
  • Jason Hancock @ Iowa Independent: GOP candidate apologizes for anti-gay statements.
  • Joe.My.God: GOP Candidate For Gov Rips AG Bill McCollum Over Rekers Scandal.
  • Mike Tidmus: When did cheating become a ‘Christian’ value?
  • Towleroad: Watchdog Pushes IRS to Investigate Anti-Gay Pastor for His Support of Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern.
  • Steve Benen: When even Pat Buchanan thinks you've gone too far...
  • Amanda Marcotte @ Slate: Is Sharron Angle a Christian Reconstructionist?

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Mike Huckabee endorses Bill McCollum for Governor of Florida.
  • A gaggle of right-wing groups are holding a press conference to "voice opposition to the Obama administration's use of narrow discretionary powers to effect de facto amnesty on a broad scale."
  • TD Jakes, Samuel Rodriguez, Myles Munroe, and others are going to teach you how to be a man.
  • NOM's Brian Brown lays out his weak case for opposing marriage equality in Human Events.
  • Liberty Counsel continues to blast the Alliance Defense Fund for losing the Prop 8 trial.
  • And sadly, Bryan Fischer's "good friend" Raul Labrador is trailing badly in his race for Congress.

Guess What? Bryan Fischer Doesn't Trust Muslims!

Another day; another post from Bryan Fischer demonstrating that he a) hates Muslims and b) has no idea what he is talking about:

Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, not a benign religion. It is as racist as the KKK, committed by principle and conviction to the extermination of Israel just because Jews live there. (Hitler, anyone?) Allowing a mosque to be built in town is fundamentally no different than granting a building permit to a KKK cultural center built in honor of some King Kleagle or Exalted Cyclops.

According to the FBI, a minimum of 10% of America’s 3000 mosques are actively, right now as you are reading these words, preaching jihad against the United States. And that is, according to the FBI agent who made the comment, a “conservative” estimate. So let’s say the figure is roughly 20%, give or take.

That means, according to our own government, that we have approximately 600 - 600!! - jihadist recruitment and training centers actively operating on sovereign U.S. soil, headed by leaders whose agenda is the extermination of Western civilization and the shedding of infidel blood.

That means, on average, each state has 12 mosques preaching jihad against the United States this very day. And the other 2400 mosques could be radicalized virtually overnight. We have no way of knowing when a mosque will suddenly begin to take its prophet and its god seriously and start planning to blow us up or cut off our heads, or both.

This wouldn’t be so bad if we knew which 600 mosques we needed to worry about, but we don’t. I don’t think the FBI keeps a master list available to the public so we can check on the mosque in our neighborhood.

And the so-called “moderate” Muslims so far have been no help - they won’t rat out the jihadists and jihadist mosques in our midst, so we have no way of knowing which mosques are being turned into cells for terrorist ideology and activity right here in River City.

That means we must be cautious with them all. All 3000 existing mosques must be infiltrated and monitored, just as we would monitor resurgent KKK clan groups and neo-Nazi cells and just as the FBI did infiltrate and monitor the Christian Hutaree militia. No community should be forced to have one of these improvised explosive devices take root in their city unless they happen to like the idea of moon-worshipers blowing them up.

Just where did Fischer get that stat that 10% of mosques in America preach jihad against the US? 

From an anonymous FBI counterterrorism official quoted in a book written by a Newsmax correspondent.

So you know it must be accurate and true. 

And since Fischer is pulling out all of the stops as he wages his anti-Islam crusade, the guest on his radio program today is Jamal Jivanjee who will discuss Islam and Rifqa Bary.

I think my head is going to explode.

Glenn Beck, The "9-11 Mosque," and The Mountain Meadows Massacre

At this point, nothing Glenn Beck does or says surprises me, so it is entirely expected that he would be opposing the so-called "9-11 Mosque" along with every other right-winger in America. But you'd think that Beck would at least see the irony in this given that he is Mormon and has seen his own religion come under attack in the very recent past.

Which leads me to a simple question:  has Beck ever heard of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, which also took place on 9/11?

The Mountain Meadows massacre was a mass slaughter of the Fancher-Baker emigrant wagon train at Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, by a local Mormon militia and members of the Paiute Indian tribe on September 11, 1857. The incident began as an attack, quickly turned into a siege, and eventually culminated in the murder of the unarmed emigrants after their surrender. All of the party except for seventeen children under eight years old were killed—about 120 men, women, and children were killed, but precise numbers have been debated. After the massacre, the corpses of the victims were left decomposing for two years on the open plain, the surviving children were distributed to local Mormon families, and many of the victims' possessions were auctioned off at the Latter-day Saint Cedar City tithing office.

Since Beck is such a history buff, he really ought to study up on the incident via any one of the several books that have been written about it or the movie made about it.

In 2007, a memorial service was held at the site marking the 150th Anniversary of the massacre:

And among the speakers at the memorial service was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a long-awaited apology Tuesday for the massacre of an immigrant wagon train by local church members 150 years ago in southwestern Utah.

Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve read the church's statement on assignment from the church's governing First Presidency during a memorial ceremony at the gravesite of some of the massacre victims at Mountain Meadows, about 35 miles northwest of St. George.

The statement also places blame for the Sept. 11, 1857, massacre on the local church leaders at the time and church members who followed their orders to murder some 120 unarmed men, women and children.

"We express profound regret for the massacre carried out in this valley 150 years ago today, and for the undue and untold suffering experienced by the victims then and by their relatives to the present time," Elder Eyring said.

"A separate expression of regret is owed the Paiute people who have unjustly borne for too long the principal blame for what occurred during the massacre," he said. "Although the extent of their involve- ment is disputed, it is believed they would not have participated without the direction and stimulus provided by local church leaders and members."

How do you suppose Beck would respond if people started citing the 9/11 Mountain Meadows Massacre as grounds for discriminating against Mormons?  How do you suppose he would react to a campaign to prevent Mormons from building a monument on the site? How do you suppose Beck would respond to claims that it was "insensitive" for a Church leader like Eyring to speak at the site where Mormons massacred more than one hundred men, women, and children? 

Colson: Republicans Who Won't Make Marriage An Election Issue Are "Full of Prunes"

For the last few weeks, we've been chronicling Chuck Colson's plan to raise up a nationwide opposition to gay marriage in an attempt to sway the Supreme Court by demonstrating that Americans will not tolerate any decision that recognizes marriage equality.

And he is still at it, again making it the focus of his newest "Two Minute Warning" video. In this one, Colson says that Republicans have taken social conservatives for granted for too long and this year are trying to downplay social issues in order to focus on economic issues as a winning election strategy.  That is obviously unacceptable, so it is up to Christians to tell them "they are full of prunes, our consciences cannot sit on the back burner" (skip ahead to the 2:40 mark):

Colson also apparently intends to use the Dominionist/7 Mountains-themed Pray and ACT organization founded by Jim Garlow and intimately tied to Lou Engle and The Call as a means of mobilizing activists for his crusade, as his likeness is now featured all over the Pray and ACT website and he's even recorded a video touting its importance:

Warning of God's Judgment, Hutcherson Wants Promotion of Homosexuality Banned

Here is Ken Hutcherson officiating at Rush Limbaugh's fourth wedding:

And here is Ken Hutcherson railing against the Prop 8 ruling in WorldNetDaily, seeing it as proof that "our nation [is] embracing and celebrating this dangerous and unnatural lifestyle" and that "God will turn a nation over to judgment for sexual sin" unless we ban the promotion of homosexuality:  

The Centers For Disease Control has said and proven that the homosexual lifestyle is unhealthy and dangerous to those who participate in it ... We stand strong on the danger (albeit highly debatable) of certain foods that we suspect might be injurious to our health but turn a blind eye to homosexuality, which inarguably kills its participants.


Legislators around the country are considering banning sugar and fatty foods in schools, removing salt and butter from restaurants and want to control what temperature you can have in your own homes, because they fear the potential of health problems. Perhaps they should consider banning the promotion of a lifestyle that the Centers For Disease Control has determined actually causes HIV/AIDS.